Woman kills child, herself during barricaded standoff with Dallas police

The Dallas Police Department responded to a domestic violence incident just after 12:30AM this morning at a house in the 500 block of Highcrest Drive.

When officers arrived, they spoke to a man who said he was involved in a verbal dispute with a 35-year-old woman (unknown relation). During the verbal dispute, the woman became upset and started shooting a gun at the man. He ran out of the house and called 9-1-1.

The woman barricaded herself and her two children inside the home. SWAT was notified and arrived at the scene just before 2:00AM.

SWAT attempted to negotiate a peaceful surrender. During the negotiations, one of the kids, a 12-year-old male, was able to run out of the house. An 8-year-old female child remained inside the house with the female suspect.

After several attempts to negotiate a peaceful surrender failed, SWAT made entry into the home just before 6:30AM. When they entered, the suspect fired shots at them, grazing one of the officers in the arm. Officers did not return fire, knowing there was a child inside the house.

Just after 9:00AM this morning, SWAT entered the home again and found the female suspect and the 8-year-old child both deceased from what appears to be a murder suicide.

This is an active investigation. Expect heavy police activity in the area.