Flagpole maintenance man rescued after being trapped at top of pole for 3 hours

At 5:21PM this evening, the Farmers Branch Fire/EMS and Police departments were dispatched to a technical rescue of a person trapped at the top of a flagpole in Liberty Plaza.

When emergency responders arrived, they located one individual suspended near the top of a 165′ flagpole. Officials say he was conducting maintenance on the pole. He was unable to get himself down to the ground.

The technician had been stuck on top of the pole for nearly three hours, according to an official.

Dallas, Carrollton, and Coppell fire departments were all called to the scene for assisting in the technical rescue of the man.

Since the man was trapped 50+ feet higher than the reach of the fire department’s ladder trucks, DPS-101 helicopter was called to the scene for the rescue.

Just before 7:00PM, the man was rescued via helicopter crew and safely placed onto the ground.

After the rescue, he was transported to Parkland Hospital for evaluation.