Suspect arrested after fatally shooting man in West 7th area

At around 1:09am this morning, Fort Worth police officers were patrolling in the West 7th area when they heard multiple gunshots.

As they were investigating the shots, they located an injured man shot multiple times near the 3000 block of Bledsoe Street. MedStar transported the man to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. He has since been identified as a junior at Texas Christian University.

Detectives say the victim was standing near a bar called Your Mom’s House when the suspect approached and shot him multiple times. After the shooting, the suspect ran away on foot, pistol-whipping a woman as he fled.

An arrest warrant for the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Matthew Purdy, indicates there was no real motive for the shooting. Purdy could not provide a clear reason why he had shot the man. The suspect had been on probation for Aggravated Robbery.

Police chased down and arrested Purdy in a parking lot near the shooting scene.

The incident remains under investigation.