In regards to Waxahachie High Schoo lockdown – per WISD: At approximately 4:40 p.m. two individuals exiting Waxahachie High School witnessed an individual walking towards the building allegedly carrying a firearm. The individuals went back into the high school and immediately called 911. Waxahachie Police were dispatched and arrived on the scene at 4:45 p.m. It is not known whether the individual with the alleged firearm entered the building at this time. For precautionary measures, the building has been placed in lockdown while the police conduct a thorough search of the campus and surrounding areas.
All access to the campus will be restricted per the Waxahachie Police Department until the search has been completed.

A perimeter has been set up around the high school and all entrances and exits to the high school have been secured. An incident command station has been established by Waxahachie Police Department in the Billie Bates Career and Technology Center parking lot.

UPDATE – Situation has been resolved at this time. Police have questioned alleged armed suspect and let him go. WPD clearing the scene now.

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