Phone charger ignites mattress, catches house on fire in McKinney

The McKinney Fire Department responded to a house fire earlier this morning in the 1900 block of Hackett Creek Drive.

Firefighters responded to the home after a fire was reported in the one the bedrooms.

All residents were able to safely evacuated the house. Firefighters rescued the family pets inside. One resident attempted to drag the burning mattress outside, and was injured in the process.

Officials say the cause of the fire was a lithium battery phone charger on the bed.

“Stop using the battery if you notice an odor, change in color or shape, excessive heat, leaking or odd noises,” stated the department’s spokesperson and public educator.

The department also urged the following precautions:

  • Only use the charging cord that came with the device
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do not charge a device under your pillow, on your bed or on a couch
  • Store batteries away from anything that can catch fire