Irving police officer taken to hospital after being injured by suspect in stolen vehicle

The Irving Police Department is investigating the assault of one of their officers that led to an officer involved shooting.

The incident transpired in the parking lot of the Home Depot at 3200 W. Irving Blvd. Police received a call just after 1PM that a person had located their stolen vehicle in the parking lot.

As officers arrived, they observed a man walk up to the stolen vehicle. When one of the officers approached him, he jumped in the vehicle and attempted to drive off, wedging the officer between two vehicles.

The officer fired, but did not hit the suspect. When the shots were fired, the suspect immediately ceased resisting arrest, and was detained.

Both the officer and the suspect were transported to a local hospital. Neither were seriously injured.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

(Thanks to A_Allrutz on Twitter for the scene photo)