NEW: Skateboarder causes mass panic at Northpark Mall in Dallas; no active shooter

The Dallas Police Department is investigating an incident at Northpark Mall this afternoon after there were reports of an active shooter.

Dallas PD Chief Eddie Garcia says multiple calls came into Dallas police dispatch just before 1:30pm of a possible shooter in the food court. Off duty and on duty personnel immediately responded and arrived within minutes of the reports.

Police quickly confronted a “mentally disturbed” individual with a skateboard in the middle of the food court. Chief Garcia says the man slammed his skateboard on the ground multiple times, causing the “gunshot” sounds. When people started running away, he made a gun gesture with his hand and mimicked firing shots.

He was taken into custody without incident and is facing charges. No firearms were located during the incident.

Social media was flooded with reports of an active shooter as patrons hurried to exit the store. Luckily, there was no shooting and no one was hurt.

Thanks to Smash da Topic for the scene photo.

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