DFW Scanner celebrates 12 years

We are excited to celebrate our 12th birthday today!

DFW Scanner was founded by John Burgdorf on October 24, 2010 to better inform his friends and family through the newfound platforms of social media. 12 years later, DFW Scanner has amassed an audience of over 1,000,000 followers on social media. Millions of people across North Texas and beyond visit and interact with DFW Scanner on a monthly basis, making it one of the largest digital news sites in the region.

“It’s been a fun 12 years, and we are looking forward to many more,” said John Burgdorf, owner of DFW Scanner. “I want to thank our team of admins over the years who have helped us grow to where we are today and our engaged audience for being so willing to share our content.”

DFW Scanner has become the go-to for any news related to crime and emergency in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

In 2019, John and his brother Luke formed DFW Scanner Donates, a 501c1 organization dedicated to serving first responders in North Texas. DFW Scanner has always been a strong supporter of our first responders and their families.

“We believe community is best when everyone is informed about what’s happening around them. That’s our goal.”