UPDATE: Lanes of PGBT closed in Rowlett after chase involving stolen bus ends

Multiple police agencies are currently investigating the end of an active and lengthy pursuit involving a stolen DART bus that has closed all lanes of the President George W Bush Turnpike.

According to officials, an armed individual boarded a DART bus and ordered the driver to take him to an unknown location. Police caught up with the bus and a chase ensued.

During the pursuit, the armed suspect fired several, if not dozens, of rounds at police officers from the moving bus.

We do not know where the pursuit began, but we do know it went down Highway 66 before u-turning and going back northbound on the PGBT.

Officers were riding in an Armed Personnel Carrier (APC) behind the bus for rapid intervention, if needed.

Scanner traffic indicated the bus was riding on flat tires or rims, which may have helped bring it to a stop. Officers were discussing an opportunity to “take a shot” at the armed person on the bus, but it stopped on the highway. A shootout ensued between the armed individual and police.

There are unconfirmed reports that an officer has been injured and the suspect has been shot.

Stay tuned for updates.