Three recent shootings at Asian-run businesses may be connected, Dallas police say

The Dallas Police Department is investigating whether three recent shootings at Asian-run businesses have been conducted by the same suspect as a hate crime.

The first shooting occurred on April 2 when a suspect drove past a strip mall of Asian businesses located at 2208 Royal Lane. The driver fired multiple shots at three businesses; however, no one was injured. The suspect vehicle was reported to be a red minivan.

A month later, on May 10, a suspect in a burgundy van or car drove by and shot into an Asian business near 4849 Sunnyvale Street. Three people were inside the business, but luckily no one was injured.

The next day, last Wednesday May 11, a suspect entered another Asian business at 2216 Royal Lane and shot three people. A witness described the suspect running from that business to a red older style minivan and sped away westbound on Royal Lane.

Dallas Police have reached out to their partners to make them aware of this possible connection and to ask for their assistance, this includes the FBI and member agencies of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Dallas PD is also working with North Texas police partners to determine if this criminal action has or is taking place in their jurisdictions.

“To safeguard our community, we will be utilizing camera trailers in certain areas, and every patrol stations have been advised to increase high visibility patrols in the areas of our Asian community. Most importantly, we are turning to every resident of Dallas to keep an eye out and help safeguard our city, and to assist us in identifying any possible suspects.”