Criminal mischief investigation underway at Dallas Zoo, police say

The Dallas Police Department has started a criminal mischief investigation into the Friday disappearance of a Clouded Leopard.

As reported, Dallas police were contacted Friday by authorities at the Dallas Zoo regarding a missing Clouded Leopard. Officers assisted zoo personnel in the search for the animal which was located at approximately 4:40pm, several hours after the initial report.

Nova, the missing Clouded Leopard. Photo: Dallas Zoo

Further investigation determined a cutting tool was intentionally used to cut an opening in the fencing of the Clouded Leopard’s habitat. A criminal investigation was initiated after this discovery.

After discovering the cut fencing in the Clouded Leopard habitat, zoo personnel showed investigators a similar cut found at a habitat that enclosed a breed of monkey known as Langurs. All the Langurs were still inside their habitat and did not appear to be harmed, or in any danger. A criminal mischief offense was filed.


The investigation is ongoing.