NEW: Five children, one adult transported to hospitals in critical condition after CO emergency at Fort Worth home

Shortly after 8:00pm tonight a 911 call came in to the Fort Worth Fire Department from a child who lived in the 8300 block of Orleans Lane in south Fort Worth for a carbon monoxide investigation.

When crews arrived on scene they were met at the door by the 911 caller who stated her mom wasn’t acting right and then collapsed right in front of them. Firefighters quickly scanned the home and noticed several other children lying on the floor around the residence. The crew quickly ran into the house to start grabbing everyone they could find to bring them outside to safety. After they believed they got everyone out they went back to the firetruck to put on their protective equipment to perform a secondary search to make sure no one was left inside.

In total five children and one adult from the home were transported to local hospitals in critical condition.

In addition five firefighters were transported as well with elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their blood stream due to their quick life saving actions.

A vehicle left running in the garage was found to be the reason for the high levels of carbon monoxide inside the home.