Two police officers, police horse injured in downtown Dallas protests

It has been a wild weekend in downtown Dallas as two nights of protests have taken place. During the protests, a smaller group of rioters and looters have caused disruptions on highways and marched through areas, such as Deep Ellum, breaking into businesses.

Multiple Dallas police, DART police, DPS troopers, and more were on hand to make sure the protestors remained civil and protected.

Unfortunately, two police officers were injured from flying debris on the first night of the protest (Friday). One of them is with the Dallas PD and the other is a DART police officer.

A Dallas Police Department mounted patrol horse also sustained an injury from flying debris. The horse was treated by officers and is doing fine.

Luckily, officials say no officers were injured last night (Saturday).

We urge our fellow Texans to remain peaceful in your demonstrations. Everyone deserves a safe voice in the public discord. Violence is never the answer. Peacefully protest, but let’s all go home safe at the end of the day.