NEW: Two 18-year-olds charged with multiple felonies after threat to Everman HS football game

Back on September 16th, a Tarrant County Sheriff’s deputy received a credible tip about a threat to the Everman High School homecoming football game. The threat indicated the suspect was currently driving to the homecoming game to utilize a weapon he had obtained earlier that day. The Sergeant deputy responded towards Everman and notified other agencies about the threat.

Everman police officers working the homecoming game were notified of the threat. More officers were dispatched to the football field for added security.

Officers observed a vehicle driving on Race Street near the football stadium matching the description given to the Tarrant County sheriff’s deputy. A felony traffic stop was conducted and the driver pulled over at the entrance to the stadium. Three people were ordered out of the vehicle and detained for questioning.

Police recovered an AR Pistol and a 60-round magazine from the vehicle.

Two of the occupants inside the vehicle, 18-year-old Brandon Gipson and 18-year-old Isaac Cooper were arrested at the scene and have been charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon in a Prohibited Place, Terroristic Threat and Endangering a Child. All of these charges are felonies.

“Great work by TCSO and Everman Police in averting what could have been a dangerous and deadly incident,” said the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

The incident remains under investigation.