North Texas paramedics headed to assist with Coronavirus quarantine operations in San Antonio

A handful of paramedics from MedStar EMS have been mobilized to assist with the quarantine operations at Lackland AFB and the Texas Center for Infectious Diseases.

There are multiple evacuees being monitored for possible Coronavirus contamination at the military facility in San Antonio. The paramedics will be on hand to assist with medical transport if any of the quarantined exhibit symptoms.

MedStar EMS is a part of the Emergency Medical Task Force, a statewide agency that facilities the activation of EMS assets in the event of a disaster.

There has been only one confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Texas. The EMTF says it is one of the evacuees from Wuhan, China. There are 15 confirmed cases nationwide.

It is unknown at this time if additional north Texas agencies and emergency responders have been requested to help.